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WHAT WE TEACH - Hairdressing - Esthetics

Why learn just the basics when you can learn advanced beauty techniques in your basic program?

Be careful when you sit down with a beauty school owner and he tells you about "being in the business". One beauty school owner in Anchorage doesn't even have a hairdresser or esthetician license. Think I'm kidding? Go to the Alaska Board of Barbers and Hairdressers web site and look it up for yourself. He's an untrained owner. Now what do you think about the advice you're listening to? Sigel has opened six salons, managed eight salons, opened one school, been a platform artist for Aramis, Paul Mitchell and Joico, started six product lines, been an assistant, an apprentice, is a licensed hairdresser, a licensed esthetician and a licensed instructor. If you want to know about "being in the business" he can tell you while the others fake it.


Sigel & Sue receive more advanced international training each year than most hairdressers and estheticians and instructors receive in an entire career. They are THIS passionate and THIS serious about their careers. And truly... aren't you looking for someone THIS serious to get you started in YOUR career? Most of the instructors went to a basic beauty school in Anchorage, Alaska, worked in Anchorage, Alaska and that's it. Is this all you want to learn?

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