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Esthetician Program

MetrOasis ATC beauty & esthetics school, Anchorage, Alaska


We don't just teach the text book, we include techniques from around the world in our esthetics program. We include training in airbrush makeup, microcurrent, diamond microdermabrasion, RF, ultrasonic, galvanic, photorejuvenation and more. We also have the best state board exam pass rate in the Alaska, the best reviews, the best trained instructors in Alaska and the best esthetician student kit in the United States.

We layer our teaching concepts with Esthetician Jeopardy, Secrets to Passing the State Board Exam, Milady's online study & testing, MetrOasis online study & testing, Comprehensive online test and we have theory at 1:30 Tuesdays through Fridays. This is why our state board exam pass rates are so high and why our placement numbers are so good.

More information - Esthetician Program​​
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While the other school struggle to even maintain a multifunction machine for the school, our students receive a multifunction machine in their student kit! Our students aren't just better trained than students at other schools, they're better trained than the instructors at other schools and when they graduate from our program, they're better equipped than the other schools.

We train you on RF, photorejuvenation, ultrasonic, skin scrubber, diamond microdermabrasion, airbrush makeup, traditional makeup, galvanic cataphoresis & anaphoresis, sonophoresis, occlusion facials, European facials, acne facials, digital microscope, skin-scope, etc. Visit on of the other schools and tell them you'd like to see the equipment they train you on. Then visit us and we'll show you what they SHOULD have.


We have the best trained esthetics instructors in the state of Alaska. How can we say this? Because we travel farther, more often, spend more effort and more money getting trained, that's how. We have the miles to prove it.

We've been trained in Paris,  Bologna, Barcelona, London, numerous places in the United States and we include this training in your training. We receive new training every single year, not just local training, international training, cutting edge training. Ask the other schools when their last advanced training class was and where it was.

We're THIS serious about being the best trained esthetics instructors in Alaska.

Review - Tammy Means

Excellence in Esthetic Training. We have been very pleased with the quality of training of the Metroasis estheticians. Their students are fully prepared and ready to hit the ground running when they graduate. Metroasis is our school of choice when hiring estheticians at our Medical Spa and I will highly recommend this school and the quality of their training to anyone.

Tammy Means, RN, BSN, MBA, Manager

NOVA Aesthetic Medicine & Skinspa

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