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MetrOasis ATC Beauty & Esthetician School Anchorage Alaska AK (907) 276-4110
Franz Sigel Shroy, director - MetrOasis ATC beauty & esthetician school, Anchorage Alaska AK
Sue Shroy, administrator - MetrOasis ATC beauty & esthetician school, Anchorage Alaska AK

Sigel                Sue

Our story is YOUR Success!

I did EVERYTHING wrong when I decided to go to beauty school! This was not good for me but this is probably the best possible thing that could have happened to you because it taught me exactly how NOT to do a school. This is what happened... I went to the largest factory-style beauty school in Seattle. It was horrible. I transferred to a smaller school in Seattle which was only a little less bad.

After floundering through several salons I decided to start all over again at a really great salon where I apprenticed with a truly talented hairdresser. THIS is where I began to learn the trade. Then I started traveling everywhere getting even more training. ALL of this should have been included in the training that I SHOULD have gotten at both of the schools I attended in Seattle. Then I married the nicest and smartest person that I've ever met (my wife Sue) and trained her to be a hairdresser, esthetician and instructor. We LOVE what we do, we LOVE working together and we LOVE teaching others!

This is exactly why the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center exists in the first place. We refuse to have others go through this same experience. We travel internationally each year getting trained and we bring this training back to our students and clients.

Sometimes, we even bring our students with us. We've had students with us in Paris, London, Carcassonne, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Bruges, Dublin, Long Beach, Los Angeles, and other locations.

THIS is the education you need to jump-start your career in hairdressing, esthetics or salon management! You're going to be competing with seasoned professionals... do you want basic training from a factory school or do you want individualized training from an Advanced Training Center? Go BIG or go home!

I just finished my 350 hrs for the Esthetics program and it has been one of the most funnest, educational experiences ever. Before school started one person tried to alter my decision about coming here and I'm SO happy I made my own choice and ignored her. I have learned so much beyond eshtetics that I could take with me for the rest of my life. Not only did I learn esthetics, I was taught things about business ethics, procedures, laws, how to deal with different people, and so much more. I'm 22, I have my degree from UAA and have worked at a few professional offices, I have never learned this much in such little time. I honestly wish the program was longer! This school is AWESOME and EVERYONE from the students to the clients LOVE Sigel and Sue. There are some people with different opinions but the school isn't your average school. It is very creative, very open, and things are done a bit different. If you want to go somewhere boring, lifeless, with lazy directors, go to the other school...I'm pretty sure they're looking for people! Make a good choice and go to MetrOasis for skin and hair and school! Pros: Fun, met new friends, GREAT advice, awesome programs! Cons: none.         Noura - Esthetician Program Graduate

MetrOasis beauty school esthetician school Anchorage Alaska AK (907) 276-4110

Well, I am offically a licensed Esthetician.!!! After 4 weeks of painful waiting, the amazing news finally landed in my mailbox today. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get through these last 6 months. Special thanks to all you gals and gents that let me practice on you!!! The biggest thanks to my parents and Sue and Sigel at MetrOasis -- couldn't have done it without you guys! So excited for the future and all the things it has to offer me! xoxo


Courtney Letts, esthetician graduate 2013

The MetrOasis Advanced Training Center beauty & esthetics school

has the best trained instructors in Alaska.

How do we do this?

We travel more, and travel further, and pay more for advanced international

training than any other instructors in Alaska.

That's how!

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