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Don't Disappoint Your Future!

You have several choices of beauty schools in Anchorage, Alaska to provide your hairdresser and/or esthetician (esthetics) training. The BEST choice
can save you thousands of dollars
and hundreds of hours by getting advanced training during your basic training. Many other schools only
have basic training.

Others, not even that.
Find out BEFORE you sign up,
NOT after!

The very first question you should ask
is WHERE their instructors trained?
The second question is WHEN their instructors trained? The third is HOW MUCH training have they had?
These three questions will tell you everything you need to know, how serious they are, how professional
they are, and what your chances of making it in the beauty industry are. The last thing you want to do is graduate from a marginal beauty
school and then spend the next
several years playing catch-up.

Why choose MetrOasis? Because at MetrOasis, our NUMBER 1 GOAL is to train you so well that you naturally rise to the top in your chosen career whether it be esthetics or hairdressing. This can only happen if YOUR goal is also to rise to the top!  Working together, we can make that goal a reality, since we both have the same goal - YOUR SUCCESS! MetrOasis strives to provide you with an environment in which you can flourish, surrounded by friendly staff and students, beautiful antiques, high quality equipment, excellent training, and small classes so you can get individualized instruction when you need it. As Vidal Sassoon used to say in his advertisements, "If you don't look good, we don't look good!" Sue Shroy

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MetrOasis ATC beauty & esthetics school, Anchorage, Alaska

We can


help YOU




the keys


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There are certain questions people ask about all things. Who, What, Where, When, Why & How. You're already reading this page, so the What and the Why have already been answered. The When, the Where & the How remain. This page can help. Do you want a marginal career or do you want the best possible career?  You have several choices in Anchorage, Alaska for beauty schools, esthetician schools, esthetics schools, cosmetology schools and other vocational schools.

If you want the best career, you must choose the best school!

MetrOasis ATC beauty, hairdressing & esthetician school (esthetics) in Anchorage, Alaska has been voted best beauty school or has the highest ratings by the Better Business Bureau, Judy's Book, MicroPoll, BeautySchoolsInAlaska.Com,, MerchantCircle, CitySearch, InsiderPages, YellowPages, SuperPages, MoJo Pages, HelloAnchorage, Yahoo Local, Google Maps, BizVotes and several others.


Our training programs are on Tuesday 9-6, Wednesday 12-6, Thursday 9-6, Friday 9-6, Saturday 9-4. Hairdressing training takes 1,650 hours or about 11 months, esthetician (esthetics) training takes 350 hours or about 11 weeks.

Our instructors are the best trained instructors in Alaska and receive international training each year.


You can book appointments online, watch some videos, look at some photos, and learn about the beauty industry by Anchorage's top school. We also have a Cajun/Creole cafe where you can eat before or after your service, SalonParisian, SalonVenetian and SalonAlyAska products for skin and hair, Provence Aromatic and others. We only use high quality Italian colors and have the best trained students in the state of Alaska. Still have some questions about the beauty industry, Anchorage, Alaska, hairdressing, esthetics, becoming an esthetician or hairdresser? Call us. 907-276-4110

MetrOasis Advanced Training Center  - Anchorage, Alaska      (907) 276-4110


Well, I am offically a licensed Esthetician.!!! After 4 weeks of painful waiting, the amazing news finally landed in my mailbox today. Thank you to everyone who has helped me get through these last 6 months. Special thanks to all you gals and gents that let me practice on you!!! The biggest thanks to my parents and Sue and Sigel at MetrOasis -- couldn't have done it without you guys! So excited for the future and all the things it has to offer me!                                                                              xoxo Courtney Letts (esthetician graduate 2013)

Ragna Valkyrie Poor Customer Service. Very hate it

Beauty School Alaska

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Alaska is located northwest of Canada and is the largest but most sparsely populated U.S. state. This makes Alaska one of the best values for beauty school training in the entire United States. Alaska is known for its diverse terrain and open spaces, full of mountains and forests and abundant wildlife. This makes Alaska one of the most fun places to live. There about 738,432 people living in Alaska (2015) and about 301,010 (2014) live in Anchorage, the largest city in Alaska. This means we have all the essential requirements to have a great live but not such a huge population so that we have the problems associated with larger cities in the "lower 48". We also have the Alaska Student Loan program here in Alaska.

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