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More information - Hairdressing Program
Foil Highlight MetrOasis ATC beauty & esthetics school, Anchorage, Alaska
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State Board Exams

Clinic Floor

Advanced Training

Yes, they're boring, a bit stupid and very childish but you have to pass the state board exams. If you don't you won't be able to practice anything else that you've learned. We have several methods to help you pass the boards. We cover the entire text book while you're in school.

We have theory on Wednesday through Saturday during your entire program. Many schools have theory for the entire first month and then, that's it. You must pass a state board exam a year later with what you learned last year. We think its better to have the materials fresh in your mind when you take the exams. We test on each chapter as to go. We have other materials as well.

I'm really sure who came up with this term "clinic floor", but its very old school and doesn't really describe what we do. Our school is a fully operational salon where students are the hairdressers. You start on manikins until you're done with basic training, then you work on friends and family, and finally you're "on the floor", that is, you'll be working on real clients just like in a salon or spa.

We teach more varied techniques, more advanced techniques and more international techniques than anyone else in Alaska. Think we're kidding? Check out their web sites. They train the basics, if that, and then you're on your own to learn any advanced techniques. WE are an "advanced training center"!

So, what advanced techniques are we talking about? We teach you to formulate color instead of simply using the "idiot chart", we have more perming techniques than any other school, more and better haircutting techniques AND, we travel farther and more often, spend more money, make more effort and attend more training classes than any other beauty school instructors in Alaska. We keep looking for the other guys to show up but we never seem to see them even at the local training classes. Too bad...


We have a lot of fun learning new things, seeing new things and bringing all of this training back to our students and our clients. We've even brought several students with us to Paris, Barcelona, Strasbourg, Bruges, London, Carcassonne, Long Beach, Los Angeles, Seattle and more.

Dusty - Hairdresser & Esthetician Graduate - Overall 3 / 3
I have had the best year of my adult life at MetrOasis! I am a mother of 4 and just wanted a professional career for myself and my family. I wanted my choice of school to be a good investment. I chose very well! I have just graduated from the school with outstanding knowledge of cosmetology. This school is only for you if you are looking to learn all you can from hands on training and the 2 instructors that know so much and has training in just about all areas of cosmetology and esthetics. They want you to succeed and encourages you everyday in that path. I worked one on one with the BEST clients EVER! We were put on the floor when we were ready and I loved the self pace atmosphere I was in. It is the same for the esthetics program as well. I looked forward to school everday, wondering what new technique I was going to learn. So much more then reading out of the text books. When I visited other schools in the city, they felt cold, plain white hospital feeling and the people were not friendly at all. When I walked in to MetrOasis I had a chance to sit down with Sue and Sigel over coffee from the cafe' next door and talk about the school and ask all the questions I wanted. I have read a review on this page and I am sorry she had a bad experience but I bet you 10 to one that she received a great service and was treated VERY well. These are the things that Sigel and Sue teach... Customer service, LSCPA the kind you will not get at the other schools. We write notes down on all our customers after ALL services are done so we can stay on top of our clients needs. I love my school and I couldn't imagine any other place I would want to be at more than MetrOasis. A crazy city get a way!

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