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MetrOasis ATC.

4450 Cordova Street,  #130
Anchorage, AK 99503
Tel 907-276-4110

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12 yrs ago, I applied & was accepted into cosmetology school here in Anchorage. However, life provided me from attending that year. At 31, I decided to follow my dream & attended The Salon Professional Academy in Colorado Springs, CO. TSPA is a Redken school. The school was huge, had so many students that I never met all of them, & it was coldly corporate. Not only these things, but I spent two months in a classroom without interface with clients or most of the staff. On top of all of that, I missed Alaska & my family. After two months with Redken, I dropped out & moved back to Anchorage. I was desperate to finish school, but had low hopes of finding a school that would meet the standards I had for a school I would enjoy attending. I believed that, as many people do, there simply would not be anything worthy in the state.


I visited every beauty school in Anchorage. MetrOasis was the last school I found & walked into. It was like a breath of fresh air compared to the other schools. It was a cold December morning 5 days after I had arrived in town. I walked in at 9 am & was greeted by an esthetician student with a smile. Just the entrance way to the salon was beautiful in greens & antiques. Mirrors reflected the light, making the small area bright & inviting. Flowers trailed over the arch way that lead into the salon floor & a water fountain bubbled in the background. The student let me know that Sue was teaching class, but there was a website listed on the card she handed me. After taking the entrance exam online, I could email my score to them for an interview. Sue called me later that day to set up an interview!


All the other schools I had visited treated me like a boring complication in their world. Sue & Sigel both came across as very creative people who love what they do. The interview was informative & enjoyable! I was so happy with them, I wrote them the check to hold my spot that day! I had to wait 3 1/2 months to get back into school, but it was worth it! While I waited to attend the school, I would come in for services by other students. Each & every visit confirmed my opinion of the school.


Within a month of starting at Metroasis, I was confident that I had learned more in those 4 weeks than I had in the 8 I had attended at Redken. I was already doing customized color formulations for clients instead of just straight out of the tube color. The haircutting techniques were so much more precise than what I had previously learned that I was floored by it. At Metroasis, we have theory classes at least four times a week. Each project or client we have is given individualized attention from one or both of our instructors. In addition, we are given the skills & opportunities to improve our communication skills, our customer service skills, & are given the opportunities to work hard to reach our goals.


This industry is not about having your hand held as you lightly tread the path of career & success. It's about taking responsibility for yourself, your education, & your future. At Metroasis, they help you to do that by including classes on how to promote yourself & your business, how to put together advertising materials, & to help you think for yourself. I am closing in on my graduation date & I have to say that I'm a little sad that I have to leave.


Sue & Sigel have been supportive & understanding throughout the time I've been with them & I will miss them. I won't be able to go with them to Paris this spring, but I hope to make the trip next fall or winter. What fun! As for the Fire & Ice Cafe next door that is run by their creative daughter Aly, who has started college this fall, I will miss her quiet smiles & inventive ideas. I will miss ordering my Americano & having it show up perfect without having to tell her how to make it. And maybe, just maybe, I'll miss the homemade desserts I splurge on a little too often! To The Shroys, Thank you so much for what you do!

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