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Finding the best esthetics school in area is the first step in becoming one of the top estheticians in your area. In fact, it could be the most important step of your career! Do your homework, call the esthetician schools, talk with your friends, call some salons and spas and ask them. Then sit down and think about this. It is a BIG decision!

Perhaps you don't know what to look for? These topics are a great place to start...

One of the first things you need to know is that you're going to pass the state board exam. How does the school you're interested in help you to prepare for the state board exam? There are many resources available for this purpose, which ones are used by the school you're interested in? Did you know that just a few years ago the esthetician state board pass was only 22%?

Here are some resources you should ask about - Flash cards, online testing, printed comprehensive tests, chapter tests, Esthetician Jeopardy, MindMeister, Secrets to passing the state board exam, mock board exams, etc.

How many of these resources does the school use that you're looking at?

In Alaska, all vocational school are governed by the Alaska Commission On PostSecondary Education. This means that each school must be approved to operate in the state of Alaska by this commission, and the commission requires that certain information be provided to the commission. One of the things that the commission requires is that each school track their placement rate. As a potential student this information should be made available to you. Simply ask, what is your placement rate. "Uh, really good", isn't really an answer. They should have an exact percentage. Then, if you like, you can call the commission and ask them to see if the numbers match. You need to know this information because, after all, you're training for a job.

The standard text book used in most esthetics schools is about 15 years behind what is really happening in modern salons and spas. This is the newest text book, so there's little to be done about improving this situation. What is possible to fix is to use resources beyond the text and hope that it eventually catches up. Find out what additional materials are used in the schools you're looking at.

You get to choose who your instructors will be by choosing which esthetician school you'll attend. This will be one of the most important decisions you'll make regarding your new career. Many of the services offered in salons and spas in the US were developed in Europe. The terms "Balayage" and "Umbre" are French words because they were developed in France. The Hungarian instant face-lift massage is all the rage, and it was developed in Hungary. Spain is one of the most advanced countries when it comes to RF treatments. Make SURE that your instructors have a world-class education BEFORE you choose them!

The WORLD or just your neighborhood?

"Best Beauty School in Alaska" MetrOasis Esthetician School Anchorage Alaska AK

BEST Beauty School In Alaska! by Art Blend at Citysearch

I love shopping!!!!!! For clothing, shoes, and…….schools..

I am in beauty business for over 22 years. Throughout the years practicing in this field I have graduated from BEST beauty schools in Soviet Union, Russia, Ukraine, Spain, France and Alaska! And yes, before I did contact the Metroasis Beauty School I did my homework. I found this place a very professional, friendly, fun, positive and very advanced.

The knowledge and skills our instructors helped us to acquire were way more than basic state requirements. Sue and Sigel are very dedicated experts, they always on top of new technology and market. I felt honored to be around these people. They not just taught me certain skills but became my mentors as well. If you know what you want and you are motivated to become a good beauty professional, this school is the BEST place in Alaska!

They provided BEST tools and equipment you can find on Market for your training and to start new business, because you are taking it all with you after graduating! I still love my facial machine and would love to order more like that when will be expending my business!

Feel free to contact me if you have any more questions and Good luck! Nataliya Kostareva, owner and operator of Art-Blend. www. Art-Blend.

Nataliya, owner Art-Blend electrolysis & Nataliya's body wraps. (graduate of the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center Esthetician School

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