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15 BIG


Do you want to FAST-TRACK your investigation of esthetician schools in Anchorage, Alaska? Follow these easy to follow "15 BIG things" you need to know to find the best esthetician school in Anchorage, Alaska. Be careful & choose well because many esthetician schools don't take transfer students. It may cost a bit more and it may take a bit longer to get in, but it's well worth it to only accept the BEST training at the BEST school to create the BEST career for you ! Good Luck!

1.   Where will you work after you graduate from esthetician school? Anchorage, Alaska, the lower 48? We (the MetrOasis ATC Esthetician School) have esthetician graduates working as far away as Japan! Call some of the salons/spas you're interested in and ask them which Anchorage esthetician school they'd recommend. Then ask them which Anchorage esthetician school you SHOULDN'T go to!

 2.   Is the Anchorage esthetician school you're looking at financially sound? Can they afford products/equipment, is their credit good enough to take credit cards? If they train you, will YOU have good credit? MetrOasis accepts MasterCard, Visa, PayPal, checks and cash.

  3.   Who are the Anchorage, esthetician instructors? What is the level of their training? Where have they been trained? Are they nice? If the person you're interviewing with is a butthead, how will they be as your instructor? Hmmmmmmm? The instructors at MetrOasis are the best trained esthetician instructors of any esthetician school in Alaska!

  4.   Do the Anchorage, esthetician instructors receive new training each year or are they simply repeating what they learned years and years ago? True professional are always learning, always improving their skills. Their last class was... I know... they've been doing this 60 years! The esthetician instructors at MetrOasis get fresh training every single year. Not just local training, INTERNATIONAL training!

  5.   What are the reviews like at the Anchorage esthetician school you're considering? Harvard Business School says that 35 people leave a business for each one that complains. 10 bad reviews equals 350 unhappy clients/students. Is THIS what you really want to learn? MetrOasis has the best reviews of any esthetician school in Alaska. Check them!

  6.   Are you allowed to speak with the students enrolled at the Anchorage esthetician school you're looking at? Why not? Quality esthetician schools are an open book. Ask current students how they like their esthetician program. If you can't... RUN! FAST! You can stop by and speak with our students if you like. They seem to really like the program. (We've had several students choose our esthetician training program by having a service done at other esthetician schools and asking the esthetician students at those schools how their program was. THEY said they would have come here but they either didn't know about us or they didn't want to wait for space.)​

  7.   What does the Anchorage esthetician school you're interested in look like? A Factory? End up in a factory beauty school & you're just a part of the furniture! Are YOU here for THEM or are THEY here for YOU? At MetrOasis, we accept ONE hand-picked hairdressing student and TWO esthetician students each month. That's it. It may take a bit longer to get in but it's well worth it. At MetrOasis we're UN-factory.

  8.   Make an appointment for a service at the beauty school you're looking at. How did it go? If that esthetician school doesn't understand customer service now,  how will they teach it YOU? Like I said... RUN! Schedule a service at MetrOasis and check us out.

  9.   What is the placement rate of the Anchorage esthetician school you're looking at? ALL esthetician schools within the state of Alaska are required by the state to keep these stats and it's your right to know! This shouldn't be something they're hiding, in fact, if they have a good placement rate they should be proud of it! The placement rates for MetrOasis are as follows - (2008 hairdresser=100%, esthetician=76%) (2009 hairdresser=100%, esthetician=88%) (2010 hairdresser=100%, esthetician=95%) (2011 working...) (Now, let's see if you can get these numbers from the other schools!)​

  10.   What is the reputation of the Anchorage esthetician school you're considering? Is it a party school? Do the instructors suck? Do the students look like hookers? You need professional vocational training? Does the salon or spa that hires you want that look? Don't forget that the reputation of the Anchorage esthetician you attend will either add or detract from the reputation you project in your resume while you're job hunting! Ask around... ask people you know about our reputation.

  11.   Are there any hidden costs associated with attending this school? Will you have what you need to start working or will you have to go out and buy a bunch of things AFTER you graduate, which will cost you more, that you won't know how to use and that you'll have to pay shipping for? What comes in your esthetician student kit? Does it include a machine? Does it include airbrush makeup... ANY makeup? Better find out BEFORE you sign up. Figure out the TOTAL cost of your training! The prices published by the MetrOasis ATC Esthetician School includes everything you need for your training and to begin your career, except the fees the state of Alaska charges for your license and your state board exam.

  12.   Does this beauty school offer any post-graduate support? Does this beauty school promote their graduates with job referrals or professional website listings? Will they help you write a resume? Will they help you create a web site, business cards, flyers? A GREAT school helps you AFTER you graduate as well. If you graduate from our esthetician program in good standing, and you provide us with the information, we will give you a free listing on a professional airbrush makeup website, an esthetician website, and others. We also help you design your own website and resume and portfolio.

  13.   What kind of web presence does this beauty school have? What's this beauty schools website like? Is the website informative or does their website look like they couldn't be bothered by new technology? We know of no other esthetician school in the United States with a better web presence than the MetrOasis ATC Esthetician School.

  14.   How does the person answering the phone sound when you call different beauty schools in town? Are they helpful? Mean? Friendly? Disinterested? You're still in the "dating period". How will they treat you AFTER they have your money? Sue Shroy answers the phone at MetrOasis between 85 and 90 percent of the time, and she is the nicest person I've ever met!

  15.   Does this esthetician school offer any advanced training or do they just offer the basics? Do they even offer the basics? If you learn only the "basics" how will you compete with experienced people already in the beauty industry? ADVANCED TRAINING CENTER? We started our business from day one with the goal of having an advanced training center instead of just a basic skills school. This is just one of the reasons we travel so much.

Have you looked at ALL of the esthetician schools in Anchorage, Alaska?
If you ask get the answers to these questions you're probably on the way to choosing a great Anchorage, Alaska esthetician school.

If you don't know the answers to these questions, perhaps now is a good time to start looking at schools that accept transfer students... just in case!

By the way... At the MetrOasis ATC Esthetician School... we don't accept transfer students.

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