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Some questions we hear over and over,                         others are unique. Here's a collection of both.

Q questions about esthetician schools in anchorage alaska MetrOasis AK
A answers about esthetician schools in anchorage alaska AK MetrOasis

I've seen some esthetician schools that have big rubber heads but your's doesn't. Why?

IF you attend an esthetician school that has "big rubber heads" it means that your esthetician school doesn't have any clients. We do. So we start our esthetician students by working on other students. Then we move on to friends and family. Finally, when they're trained, we have them start on clients. No big rubber heads. We train on REAL people instead of rubber heads. I guess it's better than some places though, they don't have clients OR big rubber heads. Certainly after you start working in a salon, or a spa, or a clinic, you don't think you're going to have big rubber head clients do you?

“Thanks for being such wonderful teachers! This has definitely been on of the greatest experiences in my life! You both are so awesome & all your hard work definitely does not go unnoticed.

Thank you!"

Bernadette R

Graduate of MetrOasis Advanced Training Center Esthetician School


MetrOasis esthetician school Anchorage Alaska AK

You seem a bit grumpy about the other esthetician programs in town. What's up?

So you're grumpy that other schools suck?

If I choose an esthetician school and it DOES suck, can't I just transfer

to a better one?

If someone decides to go to a school that's maybe not the best but it's a little cheaper, can't they just buy the stuff they didn't get in their student kit? I mean, they're trying to save money.

I've heard that some of the other schools only have one facial machine. is that true?

I AM grumpy about the other esthetician programs in town. Plain & simple. I'm grumpy about pickpockets, burglars and bank robbers too! The pass rate for the state board exams in Alaska for estheticians was 22% before we started our program. 22%! That's outrageous! The schools that were offering esthetician programs at that time charged their students thousands and thousands of dollars in exchange for esthetician training, which means that 78% of their students didn't receive what they paid for. If I got ripped off to that degree I'd throw a stink! Don't even get me started with the placement rates!

It's not just that they suck, it's that they're ripping off students, you know... people who live in Anchorage, like me. And, I'm grumpy because their ads are bogus. Their ads say exactly the opposite of what the experience has been for most of their students. Plus, maybe I'm a bit old. I think stuff like this used to bug me and I just didn't say much about it, but now I do. Everyone gets to have an opinion, now I just say mine out loud. If you get ripped off... you should too.

You know the saying - "People don't know what they don't know."? That's why. The way the refund policy is set up by the state it probably wouldn't make much sense PLUS most good schools don't accept transfer students because they're harder to teach, not to mention they're missing time. People who aren't learning what they should be learning don't usually know what they're missing. If they did they probably wouldn't put up with it. Then, when they discover they're getting ripped off they want to transfer to another school. The time they've spend should have provided them with the foundation to build other more complicated techniques on. They end up playing catch-up the whole time. This can be really frustrating and difficult for an instructor, especially when there are usually other students already in line for good training. Why put up with the hassle for students who didn't do their homework in the first place?

Not really? Besides, there's two different ways to save money, which is to say there's just one way to save money. One way, you do something that makes sense for the moment, it may help you out this week or this month, but what about the future? It's like those check cashing places or the payday loan places. Sure they save you a bit of time because they're only a block away and the bank is further away, but at what price? Did it cost you $100 to cash your check there? How much is a cab to the bank? Didn't really save any money did you? Same thing with your student kit. Sure, you could go the cheap way but then you have to buy the stuff that should have come in your student kit later but then you won't know how to use it, and you'll have to pay for shipping, and you'll have to find out what kind of stuff to buy, and you won't have any experience with this stuff. So, after you add up the cost of the cheap training, the dent in your resume made by the cheap school, the cost of buying all the stuff you didn't get, after you add up the cost of getting the training on the stuff you didn't get... WAS it really cheaper? Was it "cheap" like going to a check cashing place or a pay day loan place? Isn't it better, cheaper and less frustrating just to go to the really good esthetician school in the FIRST place?

That's what I've heard too. In fact, we've had graduates from other schools come into our school after they've purchased their own facial machine and they've had us teach them how to turn them on and how to use them. How sad is THAT? Beyond this really sad point, how do they do machine facials? If they have several students and only one multifunction machine that they all have to share, how can they schedule more than one facial at a time? I guess this takes us back to the big rubber heads that you first asked me about. Unless you're going to have big rubber heads as clients, I'd skip the big rubber head schools! It's kind of strange but isn't it just a bit odd that the students, themselves, that graduate from good schools are better equipped than the bad schools are? And they're SCHOOLS!


(Ask some estheticians and salons/spas in your area where they went to school and if they have any suggestions for you in regards to where to attend and where not to.)

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