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Some people just dream of success...
Others find the school that can actually make it happen.
Esthetician School Anchorage Alaska MetrOasis


​The teaching materials used during your esthetician training program are critical. Not only are they critical, if you don't pass the state board exam, it doesn't really matter what else you do. Check out the curriculum at the school you're interested in attending. Do they use technology? How current is the material?

Do they offer any training that goes beyond the text book? You may not realize this but the text book is about 15 years behind what's really going on in our salons & spas. Be sure to ask the important questions or you'll be left behind!

Esthetician School Anchorage Alaska MetrOasis


Once you have your curriculum settled, your next step is to check out your instructors. IS there an instructor? Are they available or will you get stuck reading your textbook on your own with no help from your instructors? This is sad, but it happens much more than you might think!

What training do your instructors have? Are they continuing their education or simply doing the minimum year after year? Find out BEFORE you begin your traiing!

Esthetician School Anchorage Alaska MetrOasis


Some esthetics schools have little or no equipment to train you with. Are they up to date with their equipment? Do they offer any additional certifications which will save you money in the long run and make you more employable?

Is any equipment included in their student kit or will you have to buy all of this after you graduate? Check out the TOTAL price when you choose a school! Don't get ripped off by a cheap school that offers a sucky student kit!

How BIG will Y O U R training be?    Or... N O T !

Esthetician School Anchorage Alaska MetrOasis

There are those in every industry that go the extra mile. Will this be you? It it is, and you want to learn everything about your new career that you possibly can, then you'll need to learn from people that have the same mind-set as yours.

You need a team of instructors that have been around the world learning the newest techniques, the newest technology, and how to provide the best customer service possible. Find out if your instructors have been around the block a few times or if they're just doing the same old beauty school basics that they learned. Go BIG or go home! GREAT advice when trying to find the best esthetics school.


I just finished the Esthetician program at MetrOasis. I had the best experience at this school. I have had my hair care license for 10 years from another school in town and I am SO glad I chose here to attend. Sigel and Sue have restored my faith within the beauty industry. Not only are they extremely knowledgable and teach you so much, but they are the kindest and most honest couple I have ever met. If you choose this school, or are coming as a customer you will have the most professional and best experience possible. You will not regret it!

MdPattie -

graduate, MetrOasis Esthetician School

"Sigel,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  August 15, 2012
It was so wonderful to meet YOU yesterday. No, I do not mind that you took a peek at my site or at my tags. Thank you for your input there, and also the time you spent with me yesterday. I do love the folks I paid to teach me, but I can honestly say you spent more valuable time with me in one hour than I received the entire time I was in esthetics training. I could never tell you how grateful I am that you took the time that you did. It was obvious from the time I called and spoke to Sue to set up the appointment, to the time I walked out the door, you two are truly passionate about what you do. There is a huge place in my heart for people as dedicated and in love with their work as the both of you are. I am so thankful to have met you. P.S. You are also damn funny and I appreciate you letting me pick your brain:)" A.W.

(From a graduate of another esthetician program in town)

Alaska Esthetician School Reviews Anchorage Alaska MetrOasis
Esthetician School Comparison Form Anchorage Alaska MetrOasis

When people ask me where I went to school, I take great pride in telling them about MetrOasis... Sigel is one of the most talented, intelligent men I've ever met. A true Renaissance man. While Sue is a caring, confident, hard-working angel with an organization system that just blew my mind.


The knowledge I gleaned from hands-on experience and a round-table theory session every day is unmatched by any of the other schools here in Alaska. I'm going into my State Board exam this weekend confident that I was taught by the best, and ready for whatever they can throw at me... Thank you Sigel and Sue; not only are you doing great things for your students, you're doing great things for this state. Keep on truckin'... 


Kelly Strong

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