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MetrOasis Esthetician School Anchorage Alaska AK
MetrOasis Advanced Training Center Esthetician School
3701 E Tudor #103, Anchorage, AK 99507
(907) 276-4110
MetrOasis Student Catalog
MetrOasis Esthetician School esthetician student kit Anchorage Alaska AK
You are only as good as your equipment, your training and your products!


WHAT? You didn't get ANY equipment at that other school? None? That's NOT what you want to be hearing over and over is you choose the wrong school! Our esthetician graduates leave our program and begin their career being better equipped than the other esthetician schools in the state!  Your esthetician student kit includes a multifunction machine, traditional makeup, an airbrush makeup kit, a diamond microdermabrasion kit, a waxing kit, an eyelash extension kit, and all the produts you'll need without any additional hidden costs. Now ask the other schools to see THEIR student kit. In know... sad huh? In fact, our students are better equipped when they graduate than other schools are and they're supposed to be the experts right?


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You can learn a lot about an esthetician school by their reviews.


Do the students respect the level of training their instructors have? Do the instructors do a good job of passing their education through to their students? Do the instructors actually have any training? Do they keep up with the newest technology and techniques or are they stuck in the past or do they not even try? Most people don't leave reviews. The ones that do either really hated their experience or they loved their experience. So, consider this when you consider reviews. What do they have to say about the school, the instructors, etc? What does the Better Business Bureau have to say about the schools you're looking at?

What do salons and spas you're interested in working for have to say about the different esthetician schools?

The Advanced Training Center Esthetician School has the best reviews in the state of Alaska for some very good reasons. #1. We love what we do and it shows. #2. We spend more money, effort and time getting our training from every corner of the world. #3. We have the best equipment in the state.

Beauty Schools Reviews Esthetician School Anchorage Alaska AK
Franz Sigel Shroy, director - MetrOasis Esthetician School, Anchorage, Alaska, AK

Franz Sigel Shroy

director, MetrOasis ATC

Sigel got his start in the beauty business in 1979 and has been involved in many different facets of this fascinating industry ever since. Sigel has managed and/or owned several beauty salons and several hair care and skin care product lines over the years and has started several salons and even a school from the ground up. These various businesses range in size from one 7-stylist salon he started in Seattle during his “starving artist” years for just $764 which he sold 7 years later for enough to buy a small house, to his largest beauty business the MetrOasis® Advanced Training Center, a beauty school which took over $650,000 just to get off the ground.


Sigel started working with Gene Juarez (Seattle, Washington) in the early 80’s, and had held nearly every position available in the beauty industry since then including being a Paul Mitchell educational associate, platform artist and regional perm educator for Paul Mitchell and won the 1989-1990 “Outstanding Contribution to Education” from Paul Mitchell. When Sigel started his esthetics program the average Alaska state board esthetician pass rate was just 22% and he quickly developed a program that routinely has pass rates in the high 90’s.


Sigel has done hundreds of hair shows and in-salon classes during the past 30 years and is comfortable with small intimate groups of just a few to much larger venues of several hundred to over a thousand people. Sigel is crazy-in-love with his wife Sue who is both his business partner and international traveling companion for some two and a half decades now. Together they enjoy living in the rugged environment of Alaska as well as traveling the world each year where they have been very well trained in the United States, France, Spain, United Kingdom, Canada, and in Italy in hairdressing and skin care. Together they have a passion for family, helping others and keeping up with the latest trends and techniques and are sticklers for maintaining the highest quality and integrity in everything they do.


Administrator, esthetician, hairdresser, instructor


In 2011, Sue had private individualized color training by Massimo Pradella the international color educator for Compagnia Del Colore, attended the Mondial Beauty Show in Paris, France - Advanced Haircutting, London, England, Metin Warwick - and attended the Cosmoprof Bologna Beauty Show in Bologna, Italy, the American Board of Certified Haircolorists "Energizing Summit" -Los Angeles - color training, Kris McGinnis Team - Balayage training, Lea Baselici of the Siggers Team - Color Design,  Roy Peters - Bleach training, Craig Miller - Advanced Haircutting for haircolor,  Gary Gerard - attended the International Congress of Esthetics & Spa, Long Beach, makeup training, Elan Bongiorno, Long Beach -  Non-Surgical Microurrent FaceLift training, Margarita Saian, Long Beach - Product Retailing & Salon/Spa Business, Lori Nestore, Long Beach, Chemical Peeling, Jennifer Linder, M.D., Long Beach, Hungarian Facial Techniques, Boldijarre Koronczay, Long Beach.

Sue is a remarkably nice person and everyone who is fortunate to encounter her on the phone or in person feels blessed. Sue is very patient, intelligent and creative. She received her Bachelors degree in fine art from Seattle Pacific University and has beautifully blended the artistic principles of the masters of art with her esthetics skills and hairdressing skills to create wearable art for her clients. Sue is a very competent teacher and enjoys sharing what she has learned with her students, clients, and other hairdressers and estheticians.​

Sue is the main contact between the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center Esthetician School and the public for several different reasons. If you have questions regarding our esthetician program call her at (907) 276-4110

Sue Shroy administrator MetrOasis Esthetician School Anchorage Alaska AK

Sue Shroy

administrator, MetrOasis ATC

I Attended esthetics school here in 2010 and after three years of practicing my trade and meeting other estheticians from other schools, MetrOasis ATC is hands down the BEST education for esthetics in Anchorage! Tuition includes all the supplies you will need including an 8-function facial machine and all the attachments, books, products, wax pot, etc. EVERYTHING. 


What I enjoyed most about the school? They are very selective in who they allow into their program; whereas the other school accept anyone willing to pay; Sue and Sigel really care about their schools reputation and it shows. And the fact that all training is HANDS ON from day one- no practicing makeup on paper. Anyone thinking about attending hairdressing or esthetics school should definitely check them out before going anywhere else. You wont be sorry.       Nicole B



There are so many great reviews here about Metroasis as a salon but first and foremost Metroasis is a school and Sue and Sigel are educators! As a student at Metroasis I consistantly have had my expectations and needs met. Sue and Sigel go above and beyond for all of their students.


They are genuine and truely care about the quality of education they are providing to each and everyone of their students. Students that go to Metroasis are well informed and prepared for stateboard tests, and also for their future careers. I love how Sigel always gets us to think outside the box, and Sue is always there to kindly answer any question she can.


The atmosphere in Metroasis is a truly unique one; Its a fun place to be and I find myself constantly inspired. Thank You Sue and Sigel for everything you do. The influence you have had on me I will never forget, and years from now I know I will be quoting both of my Esthetic instructors fondly.     K. Adams


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