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Hairdressers need to be proficient at many things to be successful. These include strong design and conceptual skills, technical cutting skills, color formulation and application skills, styling skills and understanding sales and booking procedures as well as being competent with Point-Of-Sale programs.


Haircutting is the basis for all other hairdressing skills. Hair consists of many qualities, shape, color, texture, flow, etc., and haircutting creates the shape of the style being designed. Most other schools fail to teach European haircutting techniques, condensed haircutting and simply cut the same bubble haircut over and over. Many can't even cut a classic bob haircut. The MetrOasis ATC & Beauty School teaches all of these techniques in our hairdressing program.


It is interesting to discover what most schools think that retexturizing actually is. Most schools are still trying to do spiral perms on concave rods instead of benders and some still use the really painful tensive rings. Most schools have never heard of cold condensing or air neutralized perms and hardly any schools know how to prevent ossmotic pressure damage during perms. Their lack of understanding of relaxers is almost as bad. Sigel was the Northwest Regional Perm Tech for Paul Mitchel and can tell you just about anything you ever wanted to know about perming and relaxing.


Hair color training is one of the most neglected areas in the hairdressing field. This is partly because there is so much bad education out there but also because many stylists and many, many instructors don't seek out the good training that is out there. Many schools still don't use Italian hair color and don't know how to properly formulate color so they are unable to teach their students how to do so. Sigel & Sue are the Alaska educators for Compagnia del Colore italian hair color.


Beauty schools seem to teach a wide variety of styling techniques but very few of them are correct. MetrOasis teaches the proper techniqes for each specific style, from blowdrying a bob haircut properly with a Denman D3 brush to the correct pinning techniqes for a French chignon. We will teach you how to flat iron hair with cooler heat levels, the proper way to use curling irons, etc. There IS a right and wrong way to do things, learn the right way from your very first day of beauty school.

Minimum requirements to become a hairdresser in Alaska.

During your research of which beauty school to attend, ask some of the other schools about the techniques mentioned above. We teach all of these techniques while most of the other beauty schools in Alaska have never even heard of them. Think I'm kidding? Just ask them & watch their response.


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