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The esthetics field is growing in leaps and bounds. We've completely changed our esthetics program about 7 times now because of the advancements made in this very technical facet of the beauty industry. To be successful you need to know the newest and best techniques to keep up with demand. Ask any school you're thinking about attending what their placements rates are. Then, check with the Alaska Commission on PostSecondary Education and compare what the school told you with the stats that they provided the state with. Then ask their instructors where they're trained. After that ask them to show you their student kit and finally ask them to show you the equipment that you'll train on.


There are many different types of facials.  This is one of the reasons that we travel so much. We include techniques that we've learned from all over the world. The field of esthetics is very competitive and you need to have LOTS of different techniques in your bag of tricks to be successful. We teach occlusion/immersion facials, lifting facials, European facials, microdermabrasion facials, light therapy facials, etc. Some schools barely have a facial machine for all of their students to use while our students get to keep the multifunction facial machine that they train on during their program. ASK to see & explain their equipment during your tour.

Treatments & Waxing

The MetrOasis ATC & Beauty School provides galvanic, microcurrent, photorejuvenation, microdermabrasion, vacuum, brush, spray, occlusion, moisturizing, anti-aging, lifting, ultrasonic and many other types of treatments to our students. Ask us about our various services and how they work. We teach all of thes techniques in our esthetics program. We also teach you what you need to know about waxing and when you graduate you get to keep your wax heater, wax and waxing materials.


We teach tradional makeup techniques with a European flair and airbrush techniques that we learned in Hollywood from the originator of airbrush makeup. Our esthetics students get to keep the airbrush makeup kit that they receive in their student kit as well as the other makeup items & makeup brushes. Ask the other schools what is included in their esthetics program and what you get to take with you when you graduate.


The MetrOasis Advanced Training Center & Beauty School uses several different product lines. For our esthetics program we use SalonParisian, ASDM Bevery Hills, Pharmagel, and others. We have recently begun offering wholesale prices for SalonParisian to our graduates to use in their own practice after they graduate with minimum orders of 10 per item. These products are only available at MetrOasis or from one of our graduates.

The MetrOasis Esthetician Student Kit is the best esthetician student kit in the United States (that we are aware of) and in fact, after our graduates complete their program they are better equipped than most other esthetics schools. It is CRITICAL that you check out the student kit at any school you are thinking of attending. Students from other schools don't receive an esthetician machine or an airbrush makeup kit or most of the other equipment that we provide. They then have to purchase these items AFTER they graduate which means that they have had no training with this equipment that they have to now figure out on their own. We run into many estheticians that have been using their equipment the wrong way and at the wrong settings because they were never taught the proper way to use this equipment. Ask us to see the equipment that we provide and ask us how this equipment works.

Links to our esthetician program -     esthetician        estheticianschoolsak         metroasisbeauty      estheticianschoolak

Minimum Requirements to become an esthetician in Alaska

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