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Quality Counts!

You can cut corners in some things but when it comes to your career training, your future, your success, you can't affort to take any short cuts. You need the best hairdressing/esthetics training facility, the best instructors, the best curriculum. Don't settle for anything else! If you do, you may not get a chance to correct it later. This is not the time to settle for the second best beauty/esthetics school.

Don't end up at the cheapest school or stuck in a big factory school just because you didn't do a good job researching your future career. In other words don't settle for "average". If you plan to work for a budget shop or if the beauty industry is something you don't plan to do long term, find the cheapest, fastest school you can find and go for it. There are many people that simply pass through the beauty industry. If, on the other hand, you feel that you can be a top performer in a top end salon or if you can imagine yourself opening your own salon or spa in the future... you need something better... something more advanced.

The more you learn about how beauty/esthetics schools operate in Alaska, the better your choice will be when selecting the best beauty/esthetics school for you. For instance, one school advertising that they have over 120 years between their four instructors, but what they don't tell you is that two of their instructors died so this number is completely fake. Beyond this, one of the owners of the school has a student permit that isn't even expired yet, THIS is how new she is. Another school owner has a rap sheet longer than her training credentials list. This is the stuff you need to know before you make any decisions about where to train.


One way of finding out more information and looking at all of your choices is by changing your search parameters when you Google schools.


Try searching with the terms "beauty school" "anchorage", "beauty school" "alaska", "cosmetology school" "anchorage" or even "hair school anchorage and hair school alaska. You might try hairdresser institute and if you're looking for esthetician schools try spelling esthetician with an "e" and an "ae" as in aesthetician. Also try esthetician school anchorage, esthetics school anchorage, and esthetician school anchorage or esthetics school alaska. Good luck!


You need the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center & Beauty School!

Quality  is  never  an  accident.  It  is  always  the  result  of  intelligent  effort.
John Ruskin


Quality  is  not  an  act,  it  is  a  habit.
the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center & Beauty School
It can be very confusing when you first start researching beauty schools. Part of the problem is that you don't know what you don't know. That is to say, you may not even understand what some of the most important issues are for you to explore.
To start with, the beauty industry is a bit like the food industry in that there are several different levels of quality. There are budget chop salons, chain salons and cheap neighborhood salons. These are kind of like the lowest level of restaurants like fast food places, chain restaurants, etc. If this is your goal, to work at a budget salon, we are probably not your best choice of beauty schools. You'll learn things at our school that you probably won't have a chance to use, and you'll waste a lot of time learning these things.
There are also fine dining restaurants which charge much more for their menu offerings. These parallel salons that offer fine hairdressing. These are the top salons in the industry that hire the top hairdressers. They also charge much more for their services than the budget salons. THIS is our speciality. If this is your goal, we are you best chance for success. 
There are also some middle of the road salons that offer better services and better quality but they are more casual. We can also provide outstanding training for this environment. The thing that you need to do now is to figure out which type of salon or spa that you want to work for. After you figure this out, everything else is much easier to figure out.
Advanced training is critical if you desire to work at a top-end salon or spa. Why? Because you must offer more at places that charge more money. You must be better, you must be more accurate. You must be more up-to-date with your skills than the cheap places. This means that you must choose your training program carefully and it must match your goals within the beauty business.
Technique is king! The better your techniques the better your career. How will you learn techniques if your instructor doesn't know these techniques? You can either learn advanced training techniques in your basic program or you can learn only basic techniques in your basic program and then spend the next several years traveling around to classes & shows learning these advanced techniques. The first way is MUCH cheaper and MUCH less frustrating.
Makes sense huh?
I learned this lesson the wrong way, the hard way, and I DID spend numerous years traveling around trying to find classes that could teach me what I should have learned in my basic programs. 
I started out at the biggest beauty school in Washington state. It was terrible. I transferred to a smaller school about half way through my training and it was only slightly less terrible. I was really frustrated. I worked at a few neighborhoos salons and was not liking my job, my life, where I had ended up, etc. I finally figured out which salon I really wanted to work at and applied. I thought that I was trained but when I showed up at the job interview they required that I did a "test cut" as part of my interview. I brought all of my tacky tools from my tacky beauty schools. I brought my model. 
They told me to do a zero elevation haircut and a Denman thermal. When I stood there looking at them, they asked me why I hadn't started my haircut. I explained that I never heard of the things that they had asked me to do. I showed them my license, I told them where I'd worked, where I went to school. They hired me anyway but I had to begin my training all over again at stratch in an advanced apprenticeship. THIS is where I learned my REAL techniques, the same techniqes used in all top salons and spas around the world.
It took me longer to erase the bad techniques and to learn the proper techniques that I learned at the two schools that I first attended. It was REALLY frustrating!  Ever since then I tell everybody I meet to learn the correct way the first time.
THIS is why we started the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center & Beauty School. We teach our students the correct techniques the first time around. You can always learn more, but we make sure that you are well trained in both basic skills and advanced techniques in your basic program.
The skin care industry is very similar. There are schools that don't even have the basics down and yet they're charging people to train them when they can barely squeek by themselves. This brings us to your instructor's training. Your instructor can't teach you things that they don't know. There are a lot of people that will fake it, or say that advanced techniques don't matter. They're not giving you the straight scoop. I know. I did it the wrong way the first time in two schools just like they ones they teach in. If you intend to work at a top end salon and/or spa, you're much better off learning at a top end school. Not the biggest like I did, not the fastest, just the best.  Come on in an chat with our instructors and we'll explain our training to you. We have trained all over the world and we have learned from the masters.
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