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The articles and comments on this site are for educational, conversational, and entertainment purposes only. We accept no responsibility for any actions anyone takes based on our comments and/or articles. Research everything personally to make sure that your actions work for YOU. These comments/articles should not be considered dietary, financial, or legal advice. This is what works for us and it may or may not work for you. YOU have the responsibility to research your own ideas to make sure they work for YOUR personal circumstances.

Ya been told.

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Happy Ending or Dead Ending? YOU Decide!

A lot of preppers fail to achieve their intended goals. Or in other words, they do not have a happy ending. This could be the result of poor planning, poor execution or a lack of experience, or even a lack of creativity. We'll offer you helpful tips that WORK FOR US, which doesn't mean they will automatically work for you. This isn't a "pissing contest" where we think our ideas are the only way, nor do we think that the so-called "experts" that like to make critical comments know everything about prepping.


The information that we offer is exactly that, an offering. If you like it, use it, if you don't like it don't use it. If you think that it's stupid, or the wrong way to do things, or some other snide opinion, even though these tips have worked for us for decades without a hitch, keep it to yourself. If you have some HELPFUL information we'd love to hear it. Have a good time, learn something, contribute something and participate in the spirit of community. Each individual will have to decide for themselves what their particular needs are and how to fulfill those needs. We wish to help.

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