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Introducing our new
Raspberry -Vanilla - Chai
Smoothie Serum
The Perfect Compliment To Our
Ring Of Fire Facial
Ring Of Fire Facial Device
Ring of Fire Facial Device Far Infrared


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The Ring of Fire Facial

The Ring of Fire Facial utilizes a remarkable technological breakthrough in beauty treatments.


The Ring of Fire Facial Device used in our specialty facial (1) produces a deep-level 107.6 °F temperature via far infrared LEDs (850 ±3nm) which promotes HSP protein production, is a powerful anti-wrinkle force, balances pigmentation, helps to repair injured skin cells, increases skin elasticity, and promotes nutrient absorption. The feeling of the infrared energy passing into the skin is as delightful as snuggling into a comfortable chair with your favorite woobie as you feel the heat caress your skin. You can feel the difference of this first phase within just a few minutes and this feeling lasts for the rest of the day.


This device also uses (2) 625 ±3nm light waves to promote cell vitality, anti aging activities, promotes new collagen production, reduces wrinkles, and firms & tightens the skin. While you won't feel the effects of the LED light therapy in this second phase, you'll certainly see the difference in the next couple of days.

The third element of the Ring of Fire Facial is our (3) RVCS Serum (Raspberry-Vanilla-Chai Smoothie Serum).


This serum is a special combination of ingredients including Non-GMO Vitamin E oil, premium theraputic-grade Vanilla essential oil, a special Chai Tea essential oil blend (including  fennel seed, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon stick, ginger root, and black peppercorns), cold-pressed pure & natural sunflower oil, virgin unrefined cold-pressed Raspberry seed oil, cold-pressed (Hexane-free) sweet almond oil, non-GMO French grape seed oil and mica. 

(4) The fourth element to our Ring of Fire Facial is an occlusion mask (or known in France as an "immersion mask".


This mask uses the power of diffusion to push products deeper into the skin. By applying a smaller molecular sized and more concentrated product on the skin, and then applying a larger molecular sized product and then covering this layer with a nonpermeable barrier this pressurizes the products and they penetrate into the skin more efficiently.


Our first layer is a serum. Our second layer is a moisturizer. Our third layer is red gold leaf.

The MetrOasis Ring of Fire Facial is different than anything you have experienced before.

Call 907-276-4110 to book your facial treatment today.

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