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MetrOasis Deluxe Multifunction Esthetician Machine


MetrOasis Multifunction Esthetician Machine

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MetrOasis Multifunction Esthetician Machine
MetrOasis Multifunction Esthetician Machine

What kind of deluxe multifunction esthetician machine, or ANY machine do you think they provide at the other schools?


Shhh.... It's OK, we already know... NONE!

Sigel fixing MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine

Sigel fixing a graduate's machine that got damaged during an earthquake.

Other esthetician schools teach classes using their own esthetics machine that all of the students "borrow" while they're in school. Usually, they only have one machine for all of their students to share. Seriously! We're not kidding!

MetrOasis includes a professional multifunction machine as part of your student kit that you KEEP when you graduate. We don't just buy these machines, we helped design these machines, we do repairs on these machines, and we know these machines inside out.

(Have one of the instructors at another esthetics school explain why transistors have heat sinks, the very first test you do when you turn your machine on, and how this test prevents your machine from over-heating. I know... they didn't know. Shocking! Now, what other things do they not know?) 

Sue fixing MetrOasis multifunction esthtician machine

Sue is replacing the cooling fan in one of our multifunction esthetician machines. I love watching her figure out electronic and mechanical problems. You never have to show her something more than once and poof she instantly gets it.

I did a joke just before I took this photo to get that AMAZING smile!

We keep between one year and two years' supply of these amazing little machines on hand and we're working to increase our stock to a full three years supply.

This is a schematic of the circuit board distribution in our multifunction esthetician machine. Before we helped design this machine we had a separate four-function machine, a separate microcurrent machine, a separate photorejuvenation machine, and a separate Microderm machine. All that equipment took up a LOT of space and now all that (and more) fits into a space of about 2' x 1.5'.

Pretty amazing if you ask me!

MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine circuit boards schematic diagram

MetrOasis Multifunction

Esthetician Machine


 MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine power brush handle

This multifunction machine includes a power brush. This brush power handle has three settings, one clockwise rotation, one counterclockwise rotation, and one still. This allows you to control the direction of the rotation to prevent products from getting spun into your tear ducts. 

MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine glass venteuse 1
MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine glass venteuse 2
MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine glass venteuse 3

The multifunction machine includes a vacuum function that helps improve micro-circulation, removes dead skin cells, removes cosmetic debris, and preps the skin for acne extractions. The vacuum function includes three different glass ventueses.

Flat ventuese   -   Round ventuese   -   Tube ventuese

MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine power sprayers

This multifunction esthetician machine includes two hoses, two power sprayers, and three ventouses. The power sprayers can spray any liquid product including water, toner, spray tan, serums, moisturizers, and even tea.


The vacuum connects to the diamond microdermabrasion kit also.

MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine high frequency handle

This multifunction machine includes a high-frequency function that helps kill acne bacteria, increases micro-circulation, and for which you can offer Viennese Facials.

MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine high frequency electrodes

This high-frequency function includes a ball-tip probe, a football probe, and a UFO probe. These probes help kill acne bacteria and increase microcirculation within the skin.

MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine galvanic and microcurrent probes

This multifunction machine includes a galvanic function that includes a roller tip and two ball tips. This device is helpful when performing anti-acne treatments.

This multifunction machine includes a microcurrent function that includes two ball tips, and by threading in cotton ear swabs you can perform product infusion directly to the skin.

Sigel teaching students how to use our MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine during theory class

Sigel is teaching a group of esthetician students how to use their multifunction esthetician machine during a hands-on class. Because you are using your own machine for your training, you end up knowing your machine inside-out and have lots of experience by the time you go to work as a professional esthetician. You can begin work without having to pay more money for equipment and/or supplies just to start working.

Graduates from other esthetician schools must shop for their own machine after they graduate and they have to figure out which machine to buy, what the accessories do, how they work, where to have service done on their machines and how to have them shipped to their location, etc.

MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine ultrasonic probes

This multifunction machine includes an ultrasonic function and two ultrasonic handles. With this function, you can perform ultrasonic deconstruction of dead skin, increase micro-circulation, fine-line reduction, and sonophoresis where you push products deeper into the skin non-invasively. This device also helps produce new collagen deep in the skin.

MetrOasis multifunction esthetician machine photon head with photorejuvenation, blue , green & yellow light therapy and microcurrent

This multifunction machine includes a photon function that can perform photorejuvenation, photo-lymphatic treatments, pigmentation treatments, and photo-acne treatments. In addition to this, there is also a ring of 24 pins that conduct microcurrent in an alternating polarity which allows you to do a photorejuvenation treatment while doing a microcurrent treatment at the same for a truly synergistic benefit. 

This power brush function of this machine includes five attachments. There are two soft bristle heads, one large and one small, and two synthetic soft pumice heads, one large and one small. There is an additional brush head made of wool fibers that is used for the application of gommage products which have small particles used for exfoliation. The wool fibers prevent the particles from spraying around the room or getting on your client.

Screen Shot 2022-08-25 at 11.56.24 AM.png

Adjustable Air Valve - This valve is used to provide macro-control on your glass ventouse and diamond microdermabrasion functions.

Other MetrOasis Esthetician Machine Components

75 Degree Facial Roller

UltraSonic Skin Scrubber

Diamond Microdermabrasion Kit


Ring of Fire Device

(Ring of Fire Info)

Velvet Bag for Glass Pieces

T-Bar Eye Tool

(more info)

This tool is great for treatments around the eyes

and other delicate areas where traditional ultrasonic probes are too bulky and skin-scrubber

blades are too strong.

Screen Shot 2022-07-23 at 9.17.01 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 10.55.20 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-08-26 at 11.08.09 AM.png
Screen Shot 2022-09-16 at 11.30.19 AM.png
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