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V-Face 288 Massage Roller

The V-Face 288 massage roller has unique faceted rollers to massage your face and other parts of your body that you'd like to tone, detox, and apply products to. As soon as you see this device you think - "I wonder how many facets are on those rollers?" Let us save you the trouble because they're very difficult to count because the rollers move so incredibly easily. There are 288 facets in a scientifically designed pattern.

The rollers oppose each other at a specific 75-degree angle so when you roll this device along your skin, it gently influences your skin to fold into a column while the 288 facets guide your skin into this alignment.

Each facet gently massages your skin using a tapotement massage technique while the folding of the skin into a column encourages your skin to develop new microfibrils which smooth your skin.

This device can perform many different functions one of which is a lifting treatment using honey. When honey is applied to the skin the roller balls roll across the honey and each facet pulls against the honey only to the resistance that your skin can offer and the skin gently pulls off of that facet and returns to normal.


During the pulling motion, because the balls are rolling, the facet changes the angle of the skin to several positions before releasing it to its normal position. This helps increase microcirculation and increases elasticity.

The degree of influence can easily be changed by simply lowering the angle the handle is held. Holding the handle perpendicular to the skin will make the influence strong while lowering the angle closer to the skin will weaken the influence. In this manner, the device can be used on many different parts of the body to achieve many different results and comfort levels.

A super practical function of this roller device is that it has a built-in solar panel that powers the microcurrent function. This combination of tapotement massage, petrissage massage, and microcurrent makes this device a real stand-out in the beauty industry.

There is no warm-up time you have to wait for, there are no cords to get tangled, you simply pick the device up and start using it.

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