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By taking this entrance exam you agree that YOU will be taking this exam by yourself and not with the help of another person.

You are allowed to take this entrance exam once within 12 months. You must register for this
test using your FIRST and LAST names if you want to use your score for entrance into one of our programs. If you register using only your first name, your score will not

qualify for enrollment at our school. 
If you do not pass the entrance exam, you may retake it the following year. We have this policy in place to keep you from wasting your time and your money as well as our time and our patience. 

We are very serious about what we do and we only accept those with the drive,
aptitude, and work ethic to succeed in the beauty business. While many other
schools will accept you as a student if you have some money and you're alive, we don't.
Our niche in the beauty industry is to train future top hairdressers and estheticians
and future sal
on/spa owners. That's it.  If you'd like to read an article on this on our
blog page, you can find it here. The idea that all schools must accept all applicants causes us some grief from time to time. It just doesn't work that way. UAA accepts about  73% of their applicants while Harvard University only accepts 5.4% of their applicants.
Please choose carefully as we also don't typically accept transfer students.

If you pass this entrance exam and the entrance interview and are enrolled
in one of our programs but it becomes obvious that you can not keep up with
the rest of the class, we may require you to retake the entrance exam.
If you are not able to pass our entrance exam with a reasonably similar score
to your original score, you may be terminated. Please don't cheat as this system
is put in place to protect ourselves, you, and your classmates from a great
deal of frustration.

*Please Note - We do not accept funding from
JTPA, DVR, Nine Star, WorkForce Development, FAFSA, or Tlinket/Haida Corp.

         Yes, I agree                     No, I don't agree

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