MetrOasis - Voted BEST esthetician school in Anchorage, Alaska
MetrOasis ATC voted BEST esthetician school in Anchorage, Alaska Printable Comparison Form for Esthetician School, Anchorage, Alaska


We have combined several layers of learning that all contribute to our successfulness at teaching our student to pass the state board written exam, the most difficult part of getting your esthetician license. #1 - the text book. #2 - the work book. #3 - Secrets to Passing the State Board Exam. #4 - Online Chapter studies & exams. #5 - Online Comprehensive Exam. #6 - Written Comprehensive Exam. #7 - Esthetician Jeopardy. #8 -  Theory Classes every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.

IF you choose a different school that doesn't provide training on these different types of technologies (and they don't!), what is your plan to learn how use this type of equipment before you apply for a job? Don't forget that you'll be competing with MetrOasis Esthetician School graduates who ALL know how to use this equipment.    


Choose very wisely!


We train our students on -  

ULTRASONIC equipment like the *chisel point, *flat pad, skin-scrubber with galvanic and sonophoresis, which helps conduct products into the skin.

GALVANIC equipment like *cataphoresis which helps push skin care products deeper into the skin, *anaphoresis that helps deep clean acne prone skin.

RADIO FREQUENCY equipment which smooth and tighten skin.

ROTARY BRUSH *equipment which helps to lightly exfoliate the skin, increase circulation & cleanse.

AIRBRUSH MAKEUP KIT* which includes compressor, makeup, airbrush, cleaner, etc., and is also used for pressure serum application.

DERMAL VACUUM* which helps remove surface debris & increases circulation.

DIAMOND MICRODERMABRASIONwhich uses corundum crystals embedded on carbide steel in conjunction with vacuum.

DERMAL POWER SPRAYER* which applies products that can't be introduced to a hot steamer.

MICROCURRENT, both meridian add on services and no-surgery microcurrent facelift.

TRADITIONAL MAKEUP* which includes nearly 200 colors.

SALON PARISIAN SKIN CARE PRODUCTS* including cleanser, moisturizer, serum, toner, masque, etc.

ADIPOSE VIBRATION equipment which helps smooth skin & increase circulation.

PHOTOREJUVENATION EQUIPMENT* which stimulates cellular energy, kills acne bacteria, increases lymph circulation, etc

WAXING KIT* which includes heater, wax, applicators, etc.

* designates equipment that is included in our Esthetician Student Kit that you keep upon graduation.

MetrOasis ATC Esthetician School voted BEST esthetician school in Anchorage, Alaska

The OTHER School

Esthetician schools in Anchorage, Alaska
Esthetician schools in Anchorage, Alaska
esthetician schools in anchorage, alaska
MetrOasis ATC Esthetician Student Kit, Anchorage, Alaska

Esthetician Student Kit"... sponges, cosmetics, tweezers, brushes, client capes, combs, headbands, wax, waxing supplies, facial creams (cleansing, massage, toning and hydrating)."

Where do YOU want to spend thousands of dollars
and hundreds to thousands of hours training?
Which beauty school do YOU want to put in charge of your Success?
A 0% school, a 25% school or a 97% school?
A 1 star school, a 0 star school or a 5 star school?
YOU decide!


If a SCHOOL can't figure out how to make THEMSELVES successful
how are they going to teach YOU to be successful?

"Sigel,                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  August 15, 2012
It was so wonderful to meet YOU yesterday. No, I do not mind that you took a peek at my site or at my tags.


Thank you for your input there, and also the time you spent with me yesterday. I do love the folks I paid to teach me, but I can honestly say you spent more valuable time with me in one hour than I received the entire time I was in esthetics training. 


I could never tell you how grateful I am that you took the time that you did. It was obvious from the time I called and spoke to Sue to set up the appointment, to the time I walked out the door, you two are truly passionate about what you do.


There is a huge place in my heart for people as dedicated and in love with their work as the both of you are. I am so thankful to have met you. P.S. You are also damn funny and I appreciate you letting me pick your brain:)" A.W.

(From a graduate of another esthetician program in town)



MetrOasis Esthetician School

Anchorage, Alaska

MetrOasis Esthetician School Anchorage, Alaska
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