Most hairdressers simply look on the internet when they want to learn how to do something. Then they copy what they see in a video whether it is right or not. We find the top expert in that particular skill, we travel there, we pay them to train us, and then we bring this training back for our students. There's a huge difference between being trained by a master of a skill in their location and by trying to copy other people who know that skill. We learn each skill first hand by the experts.

This is Elody (left) one of the top stylists in Paris who trained us in chignons (traditional French updo's), and we also learned hair extensions, styling, etc. We've also learned in Los Angeles, Long Beach, Las Vegas, Frankfurt, Paris (several times), Bologna, Barcelona, etc.


We teach blow drying, flat ironing, curling machine, curling ironing, braiding, formal updo's, traditional French chignons, etc.

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