Do you dream of hair?

 You can train to be a hairdresser in just 12 months! 
MetrOasis ATC Beauty School Anchorage Alaska
Hair Cutting

We teach everything from the newest European techniques to condensed cutting techniques to razor cutting and clipperwork. We also teach proper scissor technique to prevent carpal tunnel syndrome.

MetrOasis ATC Beauty School Anchorage Alaska
Hair Color

We teach and use Compagnia Del Colore, the best hair color, bleach and toners in the world and our instructors are the state instructors for this color. We also teach ballayage and ombre. We've used Italian hair colors exclusively for the past 20 years!

MetrOasis ATC Beauty School Anchorage Alaska
Hair Styling

From traditional French chignon training in Paris to specialized long hair training in Italy, sculpting in Los Angeles to runway training in Las Vegas to advanced styling techniques in Germany, we have YOUR styling technique down. 

There are several choices if you're interested in attending beauty school in Anchorage, Alaska. Each has a distinct personality. You should check out each school in person and see how your personality matches theirs. Our specialty is to train top hairdressers and future salon owners. It is not our goal to train every hairdresser in town, we only want to train those individuals that believe that they can become top performers in the beauty industry. If you're interested in being "average" or if you like to just barely squeek by, we are not the best choice for you.


The MetrOasis ATC includes all of the basics in our programs but we also include many, many advanced techniques in our basic programs. It seems that everybody wants to attend the best beauty school but they don't always want to be the best performers. If you aren't willing to put your all into your training, it doesn't really matter which school you attend. If, on the other hand, you are a high performer and you are ambitious, you can save yourself a lot of money and effort by learning a lot of your advanced techniques while you're in our basic program, which means you need to put in a lot of effort.











MetrOasis ATC Beauty School Anchorage Alaska

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