Hair Color

If you understand how serious France is about making wine, you'll have a little better chance of understanding why Italy is so serious about making hair color. Italian hair color uses the smallest pigment sizes in the world which means the lowest levels of ammonia.

We teach our students the artistry of hair color but we don't stop there. We also teach our students about the chemistry of hair color. Why it works, how it works, why certain combinations may surprise you. What to watch out for.

We've been trained in advanced hair color classes in Paris, Bologna, London, Barcelona, Frankfurt, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Seattle, and more. We are also the educators for Compagnia Del Colore for Alaska.

We understand that many beauty schools use the cheapest hair color they can find. We KNOW that there is a huge difference in the quality of various hair colors which is why we only use Italian hair color. In fact, we use the best hair color brand in the world.

We do more hair color on some days than some other beauty schools in Alaska do in a week. We have been doing color for a long time, not just in Anchorage, but in various places around the world.

Sigel & Sue are the educators for Compagnia Del Colore for the state of Alaska. They are trained at a world class level in advanced techniques that they share with their students. Check out what we've been up to here.

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