About the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center

We moved to Alaska in 1992 from Seattle. We opened a salon but were frustrated by the level of hairdressing skills in Alaska so we opened a school. There were other beauty schools here already but none taught fine hairdressing skills so the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center was created.


Our beauty school is different by design. If you want to work at the budget chop shop on the corner, then we are the wrong school for you. We teach basic hairdressing skills along with advanced techniques. Our speciic goal is to teach future top salon professionals and future salon owners. That's it. We choose the top applicants and we don't plan to get any larger than we are. We hand choose one hairdressing student each month on average. This makes us very different than the factory-type beauty school out there. Basically, if you're alive and you have some money, you're accepted. That's not us.


We require that you pass an online entrance exam that you can find HERE, and if you pass, an interview with us. One of the schools tells you that there is no comparisson in education... NONE! But what do they teach. Check out their web site and see if YOU can find out. I never could.


So, here's the skinny on becoming a hairdresser.


#1. Your training will only be as good as your instructors.



Other guys #1. So, check out what they have to say about their instructors here. Does this seem a bit shallow to you? You'll learn enough to get your license. And then what? If you get poorly trained in Alaska, you can't simply get in the car and drive an hour or two and sign up for some advanced training. You have to fly there, pay for a hotel, pay for the training, pay for your food, etc. You could have gotten the advanced training you need at MetrOasis and saved all of that extra cost. On top of that, they charge MORE than MetrOasis does for just a basic level of training. I don't get it.Other guys #2. You could go to the other school? Let's see what's going on with their instructors. One has been in the beauty industry 33 years and an instructor for 21. He loves cutting & coloring & it's not all "fun and games". That's it. Another one has been an instructor for 10 years & is enthusiastic, full of energy & loves the industry. Hmmm? One that you'll probably never see has been an instructor for 36 years. Another one you'll probably never see has been teaching 30 years and is passionate and loves highlighting & color. That's it!

Where were they trained? When was their last advanced training class? Does this seem a little shallow too? Don't take MY word for it, check it out yourself right here.Maybe these two other school are shy? Perhaps they will want to explain to you, all of their accomplishments in person? Well, one beauty school owner isn't even a licensed hairdresser or instructor. That's weird, right?Where did their instructors get their color training? Where did they get their haircutting training? While they've been not ben getting advanced training THIS is what MetrOasis has been doing year after year, all over the world!

Ask the other beauty schools some of these questions if you want to really find out what is going on. What is your completion rate? What is your state board exam pass rate? What is your placement rate? Where were you trained. Can you accept credit cards?


Now ask their instructors some of these questions. What is an analine derivitive tint and how do you do a patch waiver? What is a volumetric concave haircut? (Want a simple one?) Why do combs have two kinds of teeth? What is the difference between German and Japanese scissors? What is the difference between stamped scissors and forged scissors? What is the last beauty show you attended and where was it located? How many times a year do you receive additional training? What are some of the different jobs you held in the beauty industry?


It shouldn't take more than about 10 minutes to figure out who the posers are and who has been seriously trained. Now, check out their web pages. Is there any information there? How much do they care? Then check out their facebook page. Is it current? How frequently do they post? Do they actually care about the industry?


Call them on the phone and talk to them. Are they polite? Are they professional? Visit them and talk to them. What is the staff like?


You should now have enough information to make a good decision.

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