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The beauty industry has been very good to us for the past 33 years. We've watched many, many other types of business go out of business since we moved to Anchorage, Alaska 20 years ago, but this industry seems to be growing instead of shrinking. Employment in the beauty industry also seems stable as there is no machine, no computer that can provide for your skin care or your hair care needs and everybody has skin and hair. If you're interested in a career in the beauty biz, read the information included here and click on the links provided for you. We've been able to travel all over the world, to work with each other, and to express our artistic skills.

Hairdressing Students... If you want to learn Volumetric & Geometric condensed haircutting, customized Italian hair color formulation, traditional French chignons then we're your best choice.

Esthetician Students... If you want to learn advanced skin care techniques, microcurrent therapy, ultrasonic deconstruction facials, occlusion moisturizing treatments, photorejuvenation and the other technologies we teach every day, we're the school for you.

If you think we're kidding... just ask the other schools if they even know what these things are! We have the training, we have the experience, we have the products, we have the equipment.

The other guys... not so much.

Choose your school very well because we don't take transfer students. Choose well the first time!

Hairdressers are required to complete a minimum of 1,650 hours which includes 180 wet hair styles, 80 perms, 10 relaxers, 250 haircuts, 75 color/highlights, 10 scalp treatments, 5 beard trims, 15 facials, 15 waxes, 15 makeups and 15 manicures.

Estheticians are required to complete a minimum of 350 hours which includes 60 manual facials, 40 machine facials, 60 waxes and 60 makeups.

*Both our hairdressing and esthetician programs include the State of Alaska 12 nail disinfection and sanitation class at no additional cost.

For ALL of the information regarding our programs check out these links -

      Hairdressing                         Esthetician 


Our hairdressing program is SO advanced, the other schools haven't heard of many of the things that we do every day!

What do YOU think the best way to jumpstart your career as a hairdresser is? By attending the best school? The second best? The third best? Sound like a stupid question?  This is exactly what you're going to decide when you choose a school to attend.The best choice ultimately rests on the credibility and training of your instructors.

You need quality, internationally trained, successful instructors if YOU want to be successful. Who are the instructors in town? Check them out. Go the the web pages and read about the credentials of the instructors that work at each school. Do they have ANY credentials other than having an instructor license? Have they been salon owners? If not, how will they guide you to become a salon owner? If you want to check out OUR credentials, click on the About Us link above.

Is all of their training at a city or state level? If so, interview them and ask them why they haven't been serious enough about THEIR training to get some national or international quality training. Ask them how they expect to train YOU on things that THEY don't even know! Then, when you find out how lacking the other instructors in Alaska are, your choice will be easy. MetrOasis ATC simply has the best trained instructors in the entire state! PERIOD!

One school claims to have an "individualized" "one to one" training program, yet most of their negative reviews talk about not having an instructor available at all!

The other school doesn't even mention one single word about the credentials of their instructor. Not much of a recommendation for someone about to spend thousands and thousands of dollars for hairdresser training.

Choose carefully because if you don't choose well and then realize that MetrOasis is the best school in the state, it's too late. Call some of the salons you're interested in working for and ask them which school you should attend.


We have the most advanced esthetician training program in Alaska and the best esthetician student kit in the United States!

When you consider beginning training to be an esthetician, you must consider several things. 

Experience - Will you be working on real people or on rubber heads?

Equipment - Do they have any? Do they have one lame multifunction machine for the entire school? At MetrOasis, you graduate with your own facial multifunction machine that includes galvanic, facial microcurrent, photorejuvenation, rotary brush, body micocurrent, vacuum, power sprayer, diamond microdermabrasion, etc.

Airbrush Makeup - You will also graduate with your own airbrush makeup set up with includes compresser, hose, makeup, various tools and products, etc. You'll also graduate with a traditional makeup set with brushes.

Cost is one of these things but value is even more important. Consider what you will pay and then consider what you will receive. If you choose a cheaper school, but they have a lame student kit, they have a lame reputation, they have a lame curriculum, they have a lame state board exam rate... what are you actually buying? Just a chance at getting your esthetician license? Then what? You don't have any training, any equipment, any products, and mostly you don't have any experience or confidence! What a horrible way to begin a career!

THIS is why we travel SO much getting trained all over the world, THIS is why we have the best esthetician student kit in the United States, and THIS is why we have the best trained esthetician instructors in Alaska.

If you'd like to check out our student kit, you can see it here.

If you'd like to read some reviews for ALL of the beauty schools in Alaska, you can see them here.

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