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Sigel & Sue Shroy MetrOasis ATC Beauty School

MetrOasis, an oasis in a metropolis

People ask us how we ended up owning a beauty school in Alaska. Here's how... Sigel was self-employed as a hairdresser in Seattle when Sue decided to do something different with her hair. All of Sue's friends were talking about this crazy hairdresser who worked all kinds of crazy hours and was very creative, so when Sue was thinking of finding a hairdresser, it was just natural that she thought of Sigel first. She came into the salon Sigel was working in and Sigel cut about a foor of hair off and permed Sue's hair. After a couple of days, Sue decided that she wanted a couple more inches off. She was the last appointment of the day so Sigel & Sue had dinner together.

That was the beginning. Sigel married Sue & they opened a salon together in Seattle, then they moved to a bigger location. About 20 years ago they sold the salon and moved to Anchorage where Sigel was the school director and human resources director of a large beauty school. Not being able to accomplish the goals he had set, Sigel quit he and Sue started their own beauty school from the ground up. They didn't want to have a school like the other schools in town so they set out to create something different than Anchorage had ever seen before.  I guess they overshot the mark by just a bit because they've created something that the entire country has never seen before. The desire to work together was inspired by an odd reaction to a TV ad. There was a really old couple paddling a canoe in a TV ad for

About Us

Sigel & Sue are the owners & instructors at the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center. Sigel is the director and Sue is the administrator. They are quite simply the best trained instructors in Alaska. Why? Because they spend more money, more time, more effort and travel further than the other instructors in Alaska to gain their training. Think we're kidding? We have the receipts, the photos AND the skills to prove it!

We travel internationally each year seeking out the best of the best beauty education opportunities and bring this training, these products, philosophies, ideas and techniques back to our students, which makes them, in our opinion, the best trained students in the state as well. Many salons agree with us as our students have performed wonderfully in many, many salons both inside and outside of Alaska. Sigel has been in the beauty industry since 1979 and has held about every position available including salon owner, salon manager, human resources director, school director, artistic director, hairdresser, esthetician and instructor. Sigel has formulated several hair care and skin care product lines from the ground up. Sue is also a hairdresser, esthetician, administrator, artist, and is probably the nicest person you will ever meet. Together they are living their dreams of working, playing and living together in their chosen profession and training their hand-picked students to succeed in a profession that has been very good to both of them. You can check out their credentials below.

We have had SO much more training in fact, that we probably have more training in just the past three years than the collective training other instructors  in Alaska have during their entire careers!

Franz Sigel Shroy                                              Sue Shroy

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 

an insurance company. They were rickety and frail and they looked to be near 90 years old. The camera zooms in and the woman turns her head and says "We shared secrets not champagne." They were SO horrified by the idea of each working a different job and not doing anything fun or going anywhere and then when they reach 80 years old, they finally get to spend a few months or years together before they died. The insurance company probably had a different reaction in mind, but it was that very day that Sigel & Sue made a commitment to each other. They started a business together and have worked side by side ever since.

They are CRAZY in love with each other, they work together, they live together, they travel together and they even bought cell phones for the 11 minutes it takes to drive home in separate cars. So MetrOasis really IS a way for Sigel & Sue to live their dream. When Aly came along it worked out even better because they opened the cafe next door and Aly was home school at the desk in the corner. Your dreams CAN come true if you stick to your guns and do things the way you think they should be done and if you have an unwavering commitment to each other. So, that is how the MetrOasis Advanced Training Center started. Since then Sigel & Sue (and sometimes Aly) travel the world searching for the best training, products, philosophies and techniques and bring this training back to their students. We hand pick one hairdressing and two esthetician students each month. That's it. This is how we maintain the high standards of our graduates.

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